Education on Grants in Belarus


Education of foreign citizens on grants in Belarus


What are grants?

Education of foreign citizens on grants in State institutions of higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Belarus is carried out on the basis of Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus dated June 12, 2018 № 232 and the Government Decree of the Republic of Belarus dated September 7, 2018 № 646. The education for foreign citizens takes place in Russian and is financed from the state budget of the Republic of Belarus.

What documents need to be submitted?

Candidates for studying in Belarus must submit the following documents to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus by February 15:

application for admission to study (drawn up in a special form with arguments in favour of the chosen specialty);

copies of passport and identity document;

a copy of the education document;

a medical document on health status indicating the possibility of education in the chosen specialty and a certificate of absence of HIV infection, issued by an official health authority;

characteristics from the place of study;

a copy of a document confirming knowledge of Russian.

These documents, drawn up in a foreign language, must be translated into Russian, certified by a notary.

If the candidate’s level of proficiency in Russian is insufficient to get the content of the educational program, he/she is invited to take a preparatory course at an educational institution of the Republic of Belarus at his own expense. Such candidates who have successfully completed the preparatory educational program have a preferential right to study next year.

The candidate must have an average score in the education document of no lower than 7.5 points on a ten-point scale or no lower than 75 percent out of 100 in percentage equivalent.

Interview with the candidate and approval of the grant

Educational institutions will inform candidates about participation in the interview by May 20. Then, before June 15, an interview (checking the level of Russian language) is conducted with the candidate in order to determine the possibility of him mastering the educational program. The interview can be organized in a distance using information and communication technologies.

If the results of the interview are positive, the educational institution notifies the candidates and sends them invitations for studying (a visa is issued on the basis of it to enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus).

Expenses for arriving of foreign citizens to the place of study and back, their accommodation, food, health insurance, visas and registration are made from foreign citizens’ own funds.

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