Educational cooperation

The Belarusian-Nigerian cooperation in the sphere of education is well-developed. Since 1965 the belarusian educational establishments have trained nigerian specialists in the following spheres:  mechanical engineering, architecture, energy, civil engineering, metalworking, power construction, robotics and others.

In March 2005 during the visit of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus to Minsk the Memorandum on cooperation between the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of Bayelsa State in the shpere of higher education was signed.

In September 2007 the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State visited Belarus for negotiations with the leading belarusian universities.

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation in the field of education in December 2019 the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus held in Nigeria the Days of Belarusian education. During the mentioned event, a meeting between the Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus S.Rudy and the Minister of Education of Nigeria M. Adamu Adamu was held. The representatives of Belarusian universities held presentations and an exhibition of educational services.



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